All the cool kids are doing it…

Hey there good looking,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for reading my first post (hopefully you’re still reading…) I’ve never made a blog before or published my own writing online, but I hear all the cool kids are doing it these days so I’m putting my ‘coolness’ to the test.

Why did I make this blog? Well, since graduation when I am not spending my time at my part-time job or searching for full-time jobs, I’m sneaking away and having an affair with Mother Nature. Through the storm of confusion that is navigating the ‘real world’ and what that means for how I should be contributing to it – it is in Mother Nature that I can reconnect with the person I want to become.

With this blog I want to share some of my everyday adventures and some of the things I discover along the way. Although not all my stories are of grand explorations (most will be tips or personal insights) I hope some of the stories I share people can relate to and will feel even more encouraged to opt outside. Overall, I’m sharing these stories to put my experiences into words. All experiences turn into memories, but experiences that you can learn from turn into personal growth. 



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